General Principles of Weight Loss. How to Lose Weight Properly?

After the problem with excess weight is determined and there was an intention to lose weight, the question arises: how to do it? How to eat properly to lose weight?

To reduce body weight a person should reduce the caloric content of a daily diet and maximize energy expenditure due to physical exertion. It is important to do everything possible to exclude from the lifestyle and nutrition all the factors of obesity, both food and psychological.

The effective method of losing weight is based, first of all, on the observance of calorie norms of consumed products. The energy value of the diet for women should be gradually reduced to 1500, and even to 1200, and for men – up to 1800-1500 kcal / day.

At the same time, it is necessary to lead a more physically active way of life (for example, walking more 1-2 hours a day, swimming, summer cycling, winter skiing, etc.).


How to calculate the energy needs in terms of physical activity.

Calculate the approximate daily caloric intake needed to achieve the desired effect, you can use the formula with allowance for physical activity.


Low level of physical activity:

Caloric content of the diet to maintain a normal weight = normal for your weight gain in kg x 32.5


Moderate level of physical activity:

Caloric content of the diet to maintain normal weight = normal for your weight gain in kg x 37.5.

Here is a concrete example of how to calculate the caloric content of a diet to reduce the weight of a person with a low level of physical activity with an increase of 1.7 m and an actual weight of 80 kg.

For this, the actual mass of the body must be multiplied by 32.5. As a result, we get 2600 kcal.

Then follows the normal weight to which we aspire (with an increase of 1.7 m – BMI 22×1.72 = 63.6 kg), multiply by 32.5, which is 2064 kcal, i.е. so many calories are needed in order to maintain the normal body weight of the person and avoid her subsequent increase.

Comparing the energy value of the diet at the actual and normal weight (2600 and 2064 kcal), we find out that to achieve the optimal weight, 500-600 calories should be excluded daily from the usual diet (of course, due to fatty and sweet foods).


How fast can you lose weight without harming your health?

Some foreign authors claim that the maximum allowable weekly weight loss should be 2 kg 250 g. In this case, you can lose 4.5 kg in 2 weeks and about 7 kg in 3 weeks.

However, most domestic dietitians believe that in order to lose weight properly, weight should be reduced gradually and at a lower rate – in a week, its losses can be on average only 400-800 g.

At the same time, it is important that the new way of life and nutrition does not deliver emotional experiences, does not form a feeling of hunger and stress on this soil. A person who has not mastered the basic rules of weight reduction will quickly come to the conclusion that the actions taken by him in this respect are useless, will shift to the old diet and the old way of life. As a result, its weight will not only recover very quickly, but may even exceed its original value. All efforts will be in vain.

One of the main theses on which effective methods of losing weight are based is the provision that food should be as varied as possible.

Applying any dietary system or diet, do not expect miracles, do not rely on instant effect, do not starve, do not sit on these diets for a long time, do not exhaust yourself with excessive physical exercises. Let us assume that the result of such excessive efforts is most often known in advance (this is evidenced by world experience): having convinced himself that the changes taking place in weight reduction are insignificant and disillusioned with the attempts made, the person will inevitably return to his habitual, former dietary habits and way of life.

However, the weight still need to be constantly monitored. Because its increase is always a decrease in the quality of life, health, the way to many, often deadly diseases. Therefore, in every family you need to have a floor scales to constantly control your weight.

This does not mean that you need to sit at the dinner table with a calculator. Do not count calories at every meal. But it should be clearly remembered that if today there was a visit to a restaurant or visit a restaurant and had to abuse the amount of food, then the next day it is necessary to arrange a day of unloading – without feelings and remorse.

To guarantee the necessary loss of extra pounds, it is important to increase energy expenditure due to additional physical activity by 200-500 kcal / day.

Simple advice for those who decided to lose weight correctly

You can formulate a few simple tips for those who decided to reduce weight, lose weight properly and with health benefits:

  • eat slowly, chewing food carefully. Signals about the saturation of the organism enter the brain only after 20-30 minutes. after the beginning of the meal;
  • Exclude the consumption of alcoholic beverages – they are high in calories and contribute to increased appetite;
  • do not get carried away with the consumption of a large amount of liquid – water, although it does not contain calories, but can provoke swelling, and with obesity this possibility increases;
  • remember that rare, but abundant meals, especially at night, work for obesity;
  • do not eat for company when you are not hungry;
  • Do not eat in front of the TV, this leads to uncontrolled consumption of food and food;
  • strive to increase the motor activity in any of its manifestations;
  • regularly weigh yourself in the morning, on an empty stomach – analyze the dynamics of body weight and compare it with your diet to identify unwanted foods and dishes;
  • sleep 7-8 hours a day – lack of sleep contributes to the development of obesity;
  •    try to be distracted from thoughts about food – keep an interesting book at hand.Since any restriction in nutrition, especially with a low-calorie diet, does not allow meeting the body’s needs for vitamins, mineral salts and other important biologically active compounds, additional intake of specialized products, vitamin-mineral and other biologically active food additives, including those , which are specifically designed for people who reduce body weight.I would like to hope that the presented material will help convince the reader that a healthy person does not need any special diets or advertised “author’s” food systems. With unreasonable and frequent use of these methods, weight loss can bring irreparable harm, not good. Any such diets, as a rule, are unbalanced in calorie content and composition of useful elements. This also determines the adverse effects that so often accompany people who are fond of the newfangled methods of combating obesity.

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